GANZFELD – Creating Collaborative Live AV Performance with Code

April 29 – May 2

In this workshop participants will explore the creation of sound and its transformation into visuals by the means of coding with the goal to create an audio-visual live performance. At first participants will be divided by their main interests into two groups – one learning the basics of the SuperCollider audio programming language to synthesize and control sound and another learning techniques to synthesize visuals from audio signals and building audio-reactive visuals with GLSL and Processing. Afterwards the two groups will meet again to jointly work on audio-visual performances, als incorporating external MIDI controllers and data sharing over a network using OSC. Creation of both audio and visuals will make heavy use of live coding techniques.

Participants will learn:

– Basic introduction to SuperCollider
– Live coding as an explorative tool for audio synthesis
– Using patterns and sound synthesis definitions
– Using MIDI controllers to perform the audio
– Defining features and control protocols for interaction

– Basic introduction to GLSL (OpenGL Shader Language)
– Visualization of live raw audio data on the GPU
– Using basic audio features to build audio-reactive visuals
– Using MIDI controllers to perform the visuals

– Strategies for audio-visual collaboration
– Using OSC to couple audio-visual processes and synchronize performances

Participant should bring:
– Laptop (running Mac/Windows/Linux)
– SuperCollider version 3.10+ installed
– Processing installed (a custom template patch for the workshop will be provided)
– Headphones
– MIDI Controllers (or other controllers) if they possess – not mandatory.

About the host:

From music oscillating between ambient, noise, drone and glitch and tightly coupled visuals, aesthetically somewhere between Victor Vasarely and raster-noton, arises an immersive live performance that challenges the ear drums and retinas of the audience alike.

The performative audiovisual duo from Karlsruhe, formerly know as Brofist, consists of visual performer Patrick Borgeat and electronic musician Juan A. Romero. After playing in the controllerism ensemble Grainface and the live coding band Benoît and the Mandelbrots, Borgeat and Romero decided to take it a step further and merge their experience into audiovisual compositions.


The workshop is supported by Goethe Institut