SOUND DAYS BioSignals seminar – May 28 16:00 Tirgus str. 9

Tomorrow 16:00 at Tirgus st. 9 we are having BioSignals seminar with presentations by our workshop hosts and our festival partners from hybrid art and activism platform Pixelache.

Andrew Gryf Patterson – project BioSignals
Mikko Lipiäinen – Parasite Radio broadcast
Krišjānis Rijnieks – Radical Projection Mapping
WIlliam Bilwa Costa and Michael Reiley McDermot (US) – Un/natural fields
Antye Greie-Ripatti – Sonic Wilderness workshop result presentation-performance


We are announcing our annual international sound art festival SOUND DAYS in Liepaja, Latvia 25. – 31 of May.

Our programme consists of many different activities that show different aspects of sound art. The participants are young sound and media artists, lecturers and performers and others interested in sound art and experimental music.

We welcome applications for workshops held by sound artists from Latvia, Finland, Canada and Germany until May 22 – send your name and the title of your chosen workshop to or use the contact tab.