Sound Days RETREAT — Liepaja – Grobiņa 31.08. — 05.09.2020.

We are announcing our annual sound art festival SOUND DAYS. It will take place at the end of the summer from August 1 until September 5 in Liepaja and Grobina, Latvia.

We will spend six days in experimenting, exploring, observing and experiencing the environment, building, recording, documenting and communicating. The project format could be an installation, performance or any other form of artistic expression. The results will be presented at the end of the festival on September 5 and online.

Participants are welcome to create their own projects or to work on a group project with sound and media artists who will be joining the festival as mentors.

You are welcome to apply to our Sound days RETREAT an join our workshops.

We welcome sound and media artists, students, performers and others interested in sound, art and experimental music to join our retreat – send us your motivation letter to


We welcome applications for our main festival activity – sound art workshops where participants will learn different methods for creating digital and analog interfaces to generate sound, and for using sound and perception to explore and understand the environment.

To apply for a workshop send us your name, contact info and title of the workshop you would attend to or use contact tab until April 26.
The workshops will take place at Liepaja University Art Research lab MPLab, Kūrmājas prospekts 13
There is no participation fee for the workshops.


Sound Days is a week long international festival of media and sound art, electronic and experimental music and other audiovisual experiments. The festival activities include sound art exhibition, workshops, seminar and audiovisual performance nights.  This year the festival takes place from April 29 until May 5 in Liepaja, Latvia.

This years festival is focusing on the analog signal and algorithmic music – building instruments and exploring analog and digital ways to generate sound and create new interfaces. Sound Days invites young artists, musicians, students, professionals and others that are interested in sound and media art to participate in our festival activities.

We welcome proposals by students, young and proffesional artists and others that work in field of sound art and experimental music:

  • Sound art exhibition – sound art installations, interactive audiovisual installations, spatial soundscapes or any other sound artwork that could be exhibited in our festival. The exhibition opens on Wednesday, May 1 and is open until May 5. To apply, send us short description and photos/sketches of the artwork.
  • Sound art seminar – we welcome short artistic presentations by students, lecturers, artists and researchers about their creative practice and/or particular projects focusing on sound art and experimental music. Presentations that discuss unconventional methods and use of unique interfaces and instruments for generating and experiencing sound are especially welcome. The presentations are 10-15 minutes each and the seminar will take place on Wednesday, May 1.
  • Open experimental audiovisual performance programme which will take place on May 4. Young and professional musicians are invited to send us a short description of the performance and a link to a Soundcloud / Youtube or any other online platforme. Each performance should be around 20 minutes and participants are welcome to present their most experimental methods for creating sound/music.

The main festival activities are the workshops – we are hosting workshops by algorithmic duo Ganzfeld(DE), musical instrument inventor Yuri Landman (NL) and sound artist Jacob Remin (DK).
The workshops will introduce different methods for creating digital and analog interfaces to generate sound. Full workshop descriptions and festival programme will be published on festival website at middle of March.

Save the date – more information about other festival activities will be coming soon!

SOUND DAYS BioSignals seminar – May 28 16:00 Tirgus str. 9

Tomorrow 16:00 at Tirgus st. 9 we are having BioSignals seminar with presentations by our workshop hosts and our festival partners from hybrid art and activism platform Pixelache.

Andrew Gryf Patterson – project BioSignals
Mikko Lipiäinen – Parasite Radio broadcast
Krišjānis Rijnieks – Radical Projection Mapping
WIlliam Bilwa Costa and Michael Reiley McDermot (US) – Un/natural fields
Antye Greie-Ripatti – Sonic Wilderness workshop result presentation-performance


We are announcing our annual international sound art festival SOUND DAYS in Liepaja, Latvia 25. – 31 of May.

Our programme consists of many different activities that show different aspects of sound art. The participants are young sound and media artists, lecturers and performers and others interested in sound art and experimental music.

We welcome applications for workshops held by sound artists from Latvia, Finland, Canada and Germany until May 22 – send your name and the title of your chosen workshop to or use the contact tab.