We welcome applications for workshops held by sound artists from Latvia, Finland, Canada and Germany until May 22 – send your name and the title of your chosen workshop to or use the contact tab.

The workshops will take place at Liepaja University MPLab, Kūrmājas prospekts 13

Sonic Wilderness Workshop by Antye Greie-Ripatti 26.05 – 28.05

In the Sonic Wilderness Workshop participants will explore the sound of matter and environment of Liepaja – beach, wind, post-soviet post-industrial building leftovers etc. – by sonifying objects that seem silent for a naked human ear. Music making outside the studio, in tune with nature is the aim of this workshop, and to reach it participants will be introduced with tools for sonification.

Radical Projection Mapping Lab by KRIŠJĀNIS RIJNIEKS 29.05 – 31.05

In the context of the BioSignals project the Radical Projection Mapping Lab will attempt to use the accumulated signals and data to produce visual output for projection mapping. During the workshop the participants will learn to create data-driven visuals with the openFrameworks creative coding toolkit ( and projection-map them outdoors by using compact off-the-grid projection mapping gear built on top of the ofxPiMapper projection mapping software ( Please bring your computer, everything else will be provided (full list of equipment below).

Biosignal Values by Shawn Pinchbeck 26.05 – 29.05

During the workshop participants will play around interactive composition triggered by the input of [biological] data. Participants will learn how to use different sensors to capture the natural processes around, and transcode them into digital matter via Arduino and Max MSP to build interactive sound installations or musical compositions.

Un/natural Fields / (Un)natural Terrains 29.05 – 31.05

Un/natural Fields / (Un)natural Terrains is a sound-focused workshop in which two artists share their unique conceptual, theoretical, and practical  approaches to utilizing generated and recorded sound as an artistic
medium for composition.