Shawn Pinchbeck [FULL]

Biosignal Values by Shawn Pinchbeck [FULL]

During the workshop participants will play around interactive composition triggered by the input of [biological] data. Participants will learn how to use different sensors to capture the natural processes around, and transcode them into digital matter via Arduino and Max MSP to build interactive sound installations or musical compositions.

About the host:

Shawn Pinchbeck is an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada based electroacoustic music composer and media artist. Since 1984, he’s been activily performing, composing, releasing recordings, curating festivals and concerts; and for many years now teaching studio engineering, electroacoustic composition, film sound design, Max/MSP/Jitter, computer interactivity and basic electronics.
Shawn started out doing noise electronics and tape pieces using found sounds, and quickly moved into sequencer laden electronic music inspired by Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk. In the later 80’s his style developed and he created a niche in Edmonton’s music scene performing regularly and received charting campus radio airplay across Canada and the U.S..
In the early 90’s he got interested in acousmatic music composition and computer interactive art. He continued to compose ambient electronic music for CD release and many film projects. In the mid-90’s he started creating computer interactive installations with sensors, audio and video.