Eletroacoustic music concert

Electroacoustic music concert – 03.05. 19:00

Live experimental music concert by our festival guests and local artists in concert hall Great Amber.

Entrance – 8 / 4 EUR
Tickets – bilesuserviss.lv

! Attention – performances by Ganzfeld and VOID may not be suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy

Platons Buravickis (LV, composition for piano and electronics). Platons Buravickis is an award-winning Latvian academic music composer. He is one of few who use electroacoustic elements in their work. In his performance on May 3 Platons Buravickis will extend the limits of the piano as an instrument, supplementing its sounds with interactive, electronic effects.

GANZFELD (DE, audiovisual algorithmic music performance). Lecturers from the Institute for Music Informatics in Karlsruhe have created a duet of algorithmic music characterized by a blend of noise, drones and glitch aesthetics in surprising sound mass oscillations. It is accompanied by real-time computer generated visualisations, creating an immersive, synthetic experience. The musicians are inspired by the artist Victor Vasarely and german pop-music, art and science platform Raster-Noton.

John Grzinich (USA/EE, performance with a self-made electroacoustic instrument). John Grzinich has been recognized in the sound and multimedia art world since the 90ies. His work combines visual and sound art. It is both conceptually and practically based on research of organic structures. It is individually adjusted to every city and location where the artist performs. John Grzinich will perform in the “Great Amber” with an instrument made especially for this occasion.

VOID (LV, audiovisual duo). VOID is an audiovisual collective from Liepāja created in 2012. Their main work format is live performances, and up to now they’ve performed in Liepāja, Riga, and several other locations in Latvia. The sound is mostly created by sound synthesis in combination with sampling and other techniques. The moving image is based on the principles of generating analog and digital video signals.