Sound Days 2024

Sound Days 2024 will take place 23.-27.04. at  ‘RTU Liepāja’ (formerly known as ‘Liepaja University’).

Sound Days is an annual festival in Liepaja dedicated to sound, art and experiments. This year’s festival’s theme is DIY culture – searching for new means of expression, developing unique and creative thinking, practical work with materials and exploring the mechanics of how things work. The festival includes creative workshops, discussions, artist talks, jam session, as well as a pop-up exhibition and audio-visual performance programmes.

The workshops cover the fields of  design, sound art, music, visual art and technology. The hosts or the workshops are artists, musicians and designers: Darsha Hewitt (CA/DE), Lise-Lotte Norelius(SE), Christian Faubel (DE), Marko Timlin (DE), Shawn Pinchbeck (CA), Julie Delisle (CA), Émile Gingras (CA), Ģirts Ozoliņš (LV), Mārtiņs Zutis (LV), Paula Vītola (LV), Fricis Kalvelis (LV).

The participants will explore different techniques of prototyping and electronics, analog synths, unique methods of creating spatial sound, performance and composition, staging and other skills connected to the materiality of music and sound.

Sound Days will take place in Kūrmājas prospekts 13, in the MPLab, Concert Hall “Great Amber” and club “Kursa”.

In 2024 the festival partner is The Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) and the contest JTTP 2023. Members of CEC and the JTTP winners, emerging composers from Canada will be present with Artist talks, masterclass, workshops and a concert of Canadian electroacoustic music, that will be held at the Great Amber concert hall, Chamber hall on April 25.


11.04. & 12.04

Introductory lectures by Paula Vītola and Krista Dintere, online.

Tuesday, 23.04. – Friday, 26.04.

Creative workshops @MPLab Art Research Laboratory, RTU Liepaja.

Thursday, 25.04.

Multimedia spatial music concert Jeu de temps / Times Play (JTTP) @ Concert Hall “Great Amber”

Friday,  26.04.

Seminar & Discussion – DIY praxis in design, sound art and experimental music. Talks and improv @ “Kursas Putni” and online.

Saturday, 27.04.

Sound Days closing event. Pop-up exhibition and presentation of the workshop results and performances by Christian Faubel (DE),  Lise-Lotte Norelius (SE), Shawn Pinchbeck (CA), Spāre Vītola un Marta Ansone, Paula Vītola un Alvis Grigaļūns @club “Kursa”.

The festival is organised by ASTE. Art, Science, Technology, Education and “RTU Liepāja” Art Research Laboratory (MPLab). Sound Days are made possible by the support of Liepaja municipality “Culture department” and Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.