Györgyi Rétfalvi

Györgyi Rétfalvi – Covering Sound Days 2019

The aim of the 3 days workshop is to highlight the importance of sound for videoreporting and develope a 3-5 minutes long videoriport about the international workshop and festival week. What are the secret ingredients of a clear and catchy, informative and emotional interview as a basis of a videocoverage? How to use ambient noise to tell your story better and give your viewer the feeling to be a part of the event? We will figure it out together! And you will get to know a little bit about the role of videojournalism at journalism too.Skills like camera and editing basics are welcome! 

About the host: 

My name is Györgyi Rétfalvi PhD. I’m a motion picture editor from Hungary teaching videojournalism whenever I got a chance, because I strongly believe that journalism is a key for democracy and videostorytelling is one of the strongest way to tell a story.